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The Sports For Kids Foundation is pleased to introduce you to children and organizations who have received assistance from proceeds generated from previous fundraising events.  Thanks to all who take part in and support our fundraising events.  Because of you, these gifts are made possible. 


Ability KC – Kansas City, MO. – Our gift purchased equipment to be used in the treatment of pediatric patients treated at Ability KC.  The equipment included Bosu Ball Balance Trainer, fitness and exercise mats, a digital EMS unit, flippers, a total home gym, a wall-mounted adjustable height basketball hoop, and a rock climbing holds set. 


Blank Children’s Hospital – Des Moines, IA. – Our gift will be used for the hearing aid fund to help provide hearing aids to children and for the Butterfly Fund to help purchase more mobility and adaptive toys for their children. 


Casey D. – Montgomery, IL. – Casey, 16, has Down Syndrome.  Our gift helped cover costs to allow her to attend and participate in the Big Cheer Show in Florida with her special needs teammates through the Iconic Allstars program. 


Premier Orthotics & Prosthetics – Lincoln, NE. – Each of the following children, patients at Premier O & P, have received protective headgear through funding assistance from the Sports For Kids Foundation:  (All these children were diagnosed with Plagiocephaly)


Bentley B. – Lincoln, NE. – 7 months old.  

Brooks H. – Lincoln, NE. - 7 months old.  

Lettie M. – Lincoln, NE. – 8 months old.  

Allison V. – Lincoln, NE. – 7 months old.  

Benji W. – Lincoln, NE. – 8 months old.  

Isbely H L – Lincoln, NE. - 8 months old.  

Saint B. – Lincoln, NE. - 4 months old.  

Kenan W. – Lincoln, NE. – 1 year old.  

Lucas E. - Lincoln, NE. – 1 year old.  


H.E.T.R.A. – Omaha, NE. – Our cash donation will help to underwrite 15 additional horseback therapy riding sessions during the summer of 2022, making it possible for several children to experience the benefits of equine therapy.  


Children’s Hospital – Omaha, NE. – Our donation, combined with a match, will purchase an adaptive stander, a Rifton Mobile Stander, a reformer, a dynamometer and a Flexion Disc Swing that will be used by several young patients throughout the year and beyond.    


Junior Wheelchair Sports & Recreation Camp – Omaha, NE. – This long-standing camp provides children with physical disabilities an opportunity to learn and participate in wheelchair sports.  Our cash gift will help offset the costs of the camp in 2022 and allow several children to benefit from learning and participating in these activities. 


Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center – Chagrin Falls, OH. – Our gift will sponsor two children for a week during their 2023 camp season, as well as cover the cost of a certified music therapist from the Music Settlement in Cleveland for 1 week.  The music therapy program is showing that the children listen and respond more to the music setting, and the music has a calming effect on the horses and the children. 


Advocate Children’s Hospital – Park Ridge, IL. – Our gift purchased Nintendo switches and games used by young patients to provide educational and entertainment opportunities that help them pass the time during extended stays. 

Camp CoHoLo – Gretna, NE. - Camp CoHoLo stands for Courage, Hope, and Love, and focuses on children dealing with cancer or blood disorders.  Our gift will sponsor two children for a one-week camp experience. 

UIC – Specialized Care for Children – Chicago, IL. Our gift provided assistance to the following children:

Andrae – Andrae has been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Our gift purchased exercise bands to give him opportunities for much needed exercise. 

Trania – Trania is 17, and diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, exotropia, neuromuscular scoliosis, and developmental delay.  Our gift helped purchase exercise equipment to allow Trania to get much needed exercise and to interact with family members in a safe and controlled environment. 

Darrien – Darrien, 10, is diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy, developmental delay, seizure disorder, and persistent asthma.  Our gift will help cover travel expenses related to his treatment. 

Pediatric Therapy Center/Autism Society of Nebraska – Omaha, NE. – Our gift helped sponsor the 5-day iCan Bike Program held in Omaha that helps children with autism, Down syndrome, and other challenges experience bicycle riding through the use of specially adapted equipment.  Some children actually learn how to ride a bike on their own by the end of the program. 

Megan’s Aquawesome Swimmers – Omaha, NE Our gift helped sponsor 4 children for the Fall 2022 14-week swimming program that provides opportunities for children diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and developmental delays to enjoy and become comfortable in the water. 

Kearney Challengers Program – Kearney, NE. – Our gift purchased new equipment to be used for special needs children participating in baseball and other sports through Kearney’s Challenger program. 

Jeramiah G. – Greeley, CO. – Jeramiah is 15 and was recently diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, the same condition that took his father’s life when Jeramiah was an infant.  Our gift will help his mother cover costs of travel and lodging to Denver where Jeramiah will receive chemotherapy and other specialized treatment and care. 

Bayonne Buddy Baseball League – Bayonne, NJ. – Bayonne’s Buddy Baseball League allows special needs children the opportunity to experience the thrills of playing baseball with “buddies” who help them hit, field, throw and run the bases.  Our gift will send 20 players to a Savannah Bananas baseball exhibition game in Bayonne in 2023 and will also help purchase new and very much needed equipment for the program. 


Rough N’ Ready Challenge Rodeo – Omaha, NE. – Our gift helped sponsor 100 special needs children in the Rough N Ready Challenge Rodeo.  This is a rodeo event for participants ages 3-21 with disabilities. They are teamed up with volunteers who move around the arena with them. Participants ride the "bucking" bull and bronc, throw a rope to snag their dummy steer, race their "stick" horse around the barrels, and take a ride around the arena on horseback. Their time together is spent getting to know one another, learning together, cheering them on through activities and promoting their belonging among the group. 


LeBonheur Children’s Hospital – Memphis, TN. – Our gift is providing financial support to their wheelchair basketball program, pediatric obesity exercise and diet classes, cardiac rehab programs, and their MOTION program to help children stay active while waiting heart transplants. 


Joe Burrow Foundation – Liberty Township, OH. – Our gift will help to provide financial support to one or more programs being developed by the Joe Burrow Foundation to help children dealing with mental health issues in the Southeast Ohio area. 


Stepping Stones – Cincinnati, OH. – Our gift will provide strollers to ease mobility issues and other equipment that will help to create more physical activities for their summer and weekend camps. 


Duke Children’s Hospital – Durham, NC. – Our gift will help cover the cost of a music therapist who will provide great benefit to several children.  Music therapy helps children become more active.  It has also provided data driven proof of calming effects of children in the Intensive Care Nursery, and encourages the expression of feelings in other children which has a positive impact on recovery. 


Alejandro V. – Kearney, NE. – Alejandro, 5 months, requires a protective helmet due to a diagnosis of torticollis.  Our gift paid the balance of the cost for the helmet. 


Hearts & Horses – Loveland, CO. – Our gift helped cover the cost of 40 one-hour sessions of equine therapy for special needs children. 


Madonna School – Omaha, NE. – Our gift provided new iPads and music supplies for their 2 music therapists and an indoor/outdoor stand-alone sports net for all of their sports activities.

Louie M. – Germantown, TN.  (above)


From 2018:  Louie will soon be 3 years old and has been dealing with several medical issues and considerable hospitalization.  Our gift of cash has been used to offset medical expenses for his treatment and recovery.

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