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The following are guidelines to be considered when requesting assistance from the Sports For Kids Foundation

or any chapter thereof. Depending on the availability of funds, cooperation in

adhering to these guidelines will increase the likelihood of a favorable response to your request.


  1. Individual recipients should be 18 years of age or younger.

  2. The gift is to be individual in nature, for the benefit of the child or children for whom the request is made. For example, a new TV or air conditioner for the benefit of the family or carpeting of a building or clinic will probably be rejected.

  3. The gift should enhance the treatment or quality of life of the child or children who receive the gift.

  4. There should be no insurance or other outside assistance available for the requested item/s. If state funds or insurance are available, please use those so that we can assist children whose family resources are more limited. If additional funds are still needed to supplement funding from insurance, state programs, or other sources, Sports For Kids will consider the request for the uncovered portion.

  5. Previous gifts have typically been made in the average range of $500 to $750.  However, smaller gifts are encouraged as we can help more kids.  The Sports For Kids Foundation will more likely provide smaller gifts that are "complete" in nature rather than contribute towards a higher cost item such as a transplant or other type of surgery of piece of equipment.

  6. Requests for items to treat, diagnose and benefit several children are encouraged.

  7. All requests must be in writing, using the Sports For Kids Beneficiary Nomination form, with specifics as to the name of the recipient, age, hometown and diagnosis of requests made for the benefit of any child, item/s requested and cost of each.

  8. Sports for Kids Foundation reserves the right to examine the financial condition of any family to verify need.

  9. Sports For Kids Foundation requests the right to disclose the identity and background of each gift recipient for purposes of reporting such information to Honorary Directors and the general public. This is done as an act of accountability and credibility by Sports For Kids, and is an important factor in the ongoing success and growth of Sports For Kids with its event and organization supporters. Any photos provided may be used by Sports For Kids for such reporting purposes.

  10. Due to limited resources, the Sports For Kids Foundation regrettably must limit grants to one gift per child. 



If you have any questions prior to submitting a request, please contact

Sports For Kids Foundation at (308) 430-3904 , or by e-mail at

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